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Marketing Resources .: Audiology .: Writing your own audiology practice marketing plan

Writing your own audiology practice marketing plan

Before you can sit down and write a marketng plan you have to ask yourself a few questions and understand a few simple things about your practice and your surroundings.

Question yourself
The first and perhaps most important question you must answer is: Why You?
Why should a patient come to you versus someone else. This takes some real thought. You must analyze what makes you special or different from everyone else around you. This is similar to writing a mission or vision statement except it should be all about why a patient should come to you rather than what you see as important. Try to envision yourself as the patient and discover why people come to you. Sometimes listening to your patients comments can really help. " you are so caring" "you are always on time" " I love your staff they really make me feel good" "whatever the compliment is that you hear often, that is generally what makes you special. And, it doesn't have to be just one thing.

What is your SWOT Profle.
A SWOT profile helps you to understand your prctaice and its environment. SWOT stands for Strength, Weekness, Opportunities, Threats.

First write your Strengths

  • Great Staff
  • 15 years in business
  • Use latest technology for best outcome
  • Solid reputation in community



  • Only wants to work 3 times a week
  • Customers dislike colleagues
  • Colleagues are not skilled enough
  • No marketing



  • Other Docs in the area do similar things
  • New guy moving in with lots of experience


  • Increase patient base
  • Lots of marketing opportunities available

Now its time to write your plan.
Start your plan with an introduction. This gets all of your thoughts down on paper

Market Situation
TotemPark Audiology has been in the market place for 15 years.  Competition has grown steadily, thus obligating TotemPark Audiology to reposition itself in order to establish an identity and entice new clientele. No longer are we happy with the patient who simply desires the one-visit pain relief.  We are looking for the more satisfying cases where we can make a difference in the lives of our patients.

This year's new challenge will be to integrate new procedure into the practice.  This philosophy  challenges include the decrease in " high caring environment” and increase in results oriented care. The audience is primarily 60 plus females who are looking for better hearing.  It will also be important to strategically price the services to obtain and keep the patients. 

Research Results:
TotemPark Audiology's prime target area has a population of 86, 605 (2000). The US Census 2000 and Synergos Technologies, Inc. found the following statistics about the Plum Creek area:

  • Average age is 36.40 years
  • There are 22,083 family households (63.8 %)
  • The income bracket with the highest percentage of households is $50,000-$75,000 (22.81 %)
  • The three main ethnicities are:
    White   86.49 %
    Hispanic6.22 %
    Asian  3.86 %
    96.57 %
  • The four main occupation categories are:
  • Professional13.01 %
    Production58.12 %
    Executive 7.88 %
    Clerical 7.29 %
    86.3 %


The overarching goal of this marketing program is to communicate the TotemPark's benefits and extraordinary level of care to our customers and potential  customers. Strategies employed to accomplish this goal will include assisting in internal, external and professional marketing improvements to ensure that TotemPark is presented to the appropriate target audience with the appropriate message.

Marketing Objective   
The objectives of the 2007 TotemPark Marketing Program are as follows:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge
  • Effectively establish TotemPark as the premiere result-oriented for optimal health practice.
  • Deliver the TotemPark image across the target zone, integrating print, Web/Net, direct mail and other resources to produce a sharp and unified marketing message throughout the area.
Target Audience
The primary target audiences for TotemPark are:
  1. Households which have an average household-income between $40,000 - $100,000 (This bracket makes up 50.42% of households)
  2. 60 plus women
  3. All Seniors
“Messages” are defined as key points of information or communication, worthy of repetition, for the purpose of ensuring brand exposure, hence, customer awareness – mastering of certain vital points about your product or service.
  1. TotemPark offers innovative results-oriented care for optimal health.
  2. TotemPark provides specialized care using highly specilaized technology
  3. TotemPark offers opportune appointment times in an energetic and friendly environment
Marketing Strategies
The following marketing strategies will guide TotemPark's marketing plans and activities:
  1. Position TotemPark as the best result-oriented practice choice for most 60K plus people in the area.
  2. Solicit and enable the active support of current patients to position TotemPark as the best practice in the area.
  3. Continue to educate new and current patients on the comprehensive benefits that TotemPark has to offer.

Concept and Implementation
The following will guide TotemPark over the next year. We have laid out a number of mediums that are possibilities for a practice. You'll need to create a budget, contact media representatives, graphic deisgners and printing houses to finalize this section. Or simply hire an afgency to handle it for you.

Marketing to Current Patients: Internal Strategies

  • Brand identity – Design new logo, letterhead, business card and envelope.
  • Track all strategies – Track all patients during the inquiry call and make sure that all patients and all callers are tracked in the system. Ask why they are calling and which part of the ad enticed them to call.
  • Convert Phone Inquiries – Use script/protocol for easier conversion
  • New Patient Orientation Kit – Develop a new folder and reprint the current resumes with correct info. Send patient testimonials piece with welcome letter, brochure and more.
  • Ask for the referral ­from patients after two expressions of thanks.
  • Frequent Referrer Program – Call referrer, send thank you letter, send gift, 212-532-9831 for gift certificates
  • Recall System – keeps patients meeting appointments
  • Testimonials – Incorporate in brochures and posters
  • Newsletter- Quarterly information and wellness tips should be an integral part of newsletters to current patients creates an on-going awareness and referral source.
  • Brochure- Design new brochure to capture new brand identity and current office protocols.
  • Poster – It is important to visually interest and promote to current patients. Posters must promote specific problems and our solutions.
Marketing to New Patients: External Strategies
Marketing to new patients is always the riskiest part of any campaign. It is the most expensive part of any plan and yet can be the most financially rewarding. Below you will list your media opportunities
  • Internet Advertising
  • Newsletter Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio/ TV
  • Yellow pages
  • Signage
Professional Referrals
New Referrer Program- Acquire new referral sources with information about quantitative results and how odiatry care and bunion surgery can benefit their patients.

Business - Use direct marketing piece to get to the HR director for increased referrals.  Stimulates new professional/industrial referral sources.

Key Referrer Program- Nurture existing referral sources & stimulate consistent referrals.

Go get 'em
That's all it takes, now go out ,do the research, get the media contacts and get going. If you don't want to, don't have the time or simply don't think you have the expertise, call an expert. 

Our number is 1-800-810-0553.

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