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Brochures Ad a customized brochure to your practice and you'll get great results from your current and prospective patients. Tell them what you offer, why they should choose you and all about your expertise in the field.

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Business Cards

Business Cards Business Cards are really a miniature reflection of your entire practice. As such they must reflect the character that embodies who and what you want your patients to know about you.

Choose your business card from our vast selection, and then choose the rest of your marketing pieces to match.

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Envelopes Branding your practice is the single most important part of initial practice marketing. It puts into words and images what it is that you do, and why I should come to you. Although a logo is not a necessity, letterhead, envelopes and business cards are.
The human brain recalls an image faster than simple words. PracticeMarketer letterhead and envelopes allow you to choose an identity for your practice and integrate a graphical brand into all of your core marketing pieces. By building all of your marketing pieces with the same graphic look, you will build a brand people can will instantly recognize. At a glance, your customer has found you. The brain triggers the relevant information about your practice instantly.

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Gift Certificates have one purpose, to bring new people into your practice. Gift certificates boost the practice brand, and bring high quality new patients in the door.

Try before you buy. Change is hard, and most people would rather put up with bad service rather than try to find new... unless you make it easy for them. Gift Certificates simply make it easier to change. PracticeMarketer Gift Certificates offer not only a discounted price for a specific service, but also the information needed to choose a new practitioner.

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Letterhead Branding your practice is the single most important part of initial practice marketing. It puts into words and images what it is that you do, and why I should come to you. Although a logo is not a necessity, letterhead is. Writing to your patients and referring professionals on well designed letterhead is a wonderful way to attract new referrals to you practice.

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Logos Logos are an integral part of your practice branding. Although a logo is not a necessity, it is a great way to get noticed in your community.

PracticeMarketer logos integrate a graphical brand identity, the practice name and a tagline which accentuates why a patient should choose your practice.

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Postcards Recall existing patients, reactivate old patients, or simply direct mail to potential patients in your area. All of these are possible with postcard from

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Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders Presentation folders have many uses. You can use them for your welcome to the practice kit, to hold materials for new treatment information for patients or to send to prosepctive referral sources or media organizations
PracticeMarketer presentation folders are fully customizable and allow you to upload a logo for placement.
Welcome to the practice kits are wonderful for giving your new patients and potential patients an overview of why they should be happy choosing you to handle their care. They can be handed out when seeing patients, or mailed if the appointment is a few days away. This can decrease no shows dramatically.
Presentation folders can also be used to hold practice information you send to referral sources such as other doctors, or to media sources who may need info.

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Promotional Items

Promotional Items

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Referral Cards and Pads

Referral Cards and Pads Referral cards and pads can be used to help others refer to you, and to show that you return the favor.

Referral cards come in several designs and the pads can either be tear off or mailers. This is a great hand-out for your practice rep.

Referrals are the number one source of new patients for most established practices. referrals from other healthcare professionals are important to track and follow up with, so we've made it easy with tear off referral pads and cards.
The pads allow your referrers to easily jot the patients name, and diagnosis on a pad that is torn off and handed to the patient and mailed to you for follow up. Referral cards have the same effect, but can be given to any referral source such as your hairdresser, real estate agent, etc. Then they can get credit for the referral (a monetary or free services incentive helps).

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Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

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Websites Websites Having a website of your own is one of the best marketing tools around...if you do it correctly. Websites which contain generic information about your practice do little to enhance your business. That's where practice markerter can help. We offer design, hosting and optimization packages starting as low as $129 per month. These packages offer a custom design, information that's customized to your practice and profession and optimized so that the search engines can find you.

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