What are keywords for use in google or meta associated with orthodontists

Orthodontists are dental professionals who specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. They use a variety of techniques, including braces and other devices, to straighten teeth and correct the bite. Some common keywords associated with orthodontics include:

  • Orthodontics: The branch of dentistry that focuses on the correction of misaligned teeth and jaws.
  • Orthodontist: A dentist who has received specialized training in orthodontics and is qualified to diagnose and treat dental and facial irregularities.
  • Braces: A common orthodontic treatment that uses brackets and wires to gradually move the teeth into the correct position.
  • Retainer: A device used to maintain the position of the teeth after braces are removed.
  • Malocclusion: A misalignment of the teeth and jaws, which can cause problems with biting and speaking.
  • Jaw surgery: A surgical procedure to correct problems with the alignment of the jaws.
  • Invisalign: A brand of clear, removable aligners that are used as an alternative to braces.
  • Crowding: A condition in which there is not enough room in the mouth for all of the teeth to fit properly.
  • Overbite: A condition in which the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth too much.
  • Underbite: A condition in which the lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth.